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Welcome to a multiplayer action mafia game where you won't get bored.

Do you like to perform crimes? Gamble in the various casino's? Own various objects, like the different casino-tables, a bullet factory, a hospital or do you want to be the president of one of the countries? Do you like to steal various cars? Do you like a mafia-game what isn't a complete warzone? Then vandettacrime is for you.


This were various options packed together in a nutshell, there are of course many more options, like minigames or actions what will be held by the hosts from time to time. Like the tasking-traject, the guess the number extreme or the family payment plan. Not to mention our free-gift-friday event, wich will be held each friday where the community can obtain free gifts.


Do you want to take part in a fast growing community, wich is friendly and helpfull? Do you like a community wich is friendly for blind and visually impaired people? Then don't hesitate and hit the register link!


When you are blind or visually impaired and you can't read the kaptcha, send an email to:


With the required information and we will get you registered.


Vandettacrime, become worlds greatest gangster


welcome to round 6  2019-08-19 3:35 PM

Hi all,

Welcome to round 6 of vandettacrime. In a moment i will contact the top 5 to hear for what they want to exchange their moneyprizes for.
I did several changes, for this, see the list below. This round will last for around 6 months. Good luck in this round, and may the best win.

As a sidenote, the prizes for this round will be the same as the previous round.

- costs of moneypresses increased to 5.000.000
- profit per moneypress increased to 2.500 pound per hour, 1.250 on the bank, and 1.250 pound cash
- credit category removed from the auction
- the option to end an auction before the time had ran out, is removed
- A different set of missions is now available.
- changed a few countries, and added a few more, the total is now 42.
- the lotto will be drawn each day now, in the hope more players will start playing the lotto.
- slightly added the objects in the exchange office
- removed the easter egg and bunny costume out of the shop, they're way over due
- added the stuff for an event which will start tomorrow and will last for 2 weeks, to kickoff the 6th round, yay.
- added some extra words into the words filter.
- raised the spam protection a little, to prevent unwanted advertisers.
- some i probably forgot?

Again, good luck, and have fun.

Greetz pelantas
still one day to go  2019-08-18 2:53 PM

Hi all,

Still 22 hours till the server closes down and the winners will be listed in the hall of fame for the upcoming round, and, the prizes will be awarded. Let me remind you all to the current prizepot, the winners will be drawn from the table of strength:

1st. Prize worth 50 euro's
2nd. Prize worth 40 euro's
3rd. Prize worth 30 euro's
4th. Prize worth 20 euro's
5th. Prize worth 10 euro's
6th till 10th. Credits worth 5 euro's.

Note: All credit prizes will be with happy-hour values, so the places 6 till 10, won't get 1500 credits, but 1950 credits. Cause the appy-hour adds 30% extra on top of the standaard amounts.

22 hours, till the server closes, 24 hours, till it reopens, have a wonderful last hours, and may the best win!

Greetz pelantas
still one week to go  2019-08-12 7:22 AM

Hi all,

This message is to remind everyone that the current round still lasts for a single week. Next week, the 19th of august, the server will close around 13:00 o'clock, this normally is a few minutes after 13:00 o'clock, for maintenence and to prepare for the next round. But no worries, the maintenence will last for only 2 hours, and the server will be back online around 15:00 o'clock with a new round, and, new chances for players to fight for the 1st place.

Good luck this remaining week!

greetz pelantas
date reset slightly pushed back  2019-07-27 10:45 AM

Hi all,

The date of the reset has been slightly been pushed back till the 19th of August, for personal reasons, nothing bad, but the round will last two days longer then originally was planned.

Greetz pelantas
credits, credits everywhere  2019-07-18 7:40 PM

Hi all,

To "celebrate" the last 30 days of this round, special packages will start to appear from the 19th of july 00:01 o'clock, these packages will contain several nice small amounts of credits, which you can gather by just playing and pressing the images as soon as you encounter them.

For the visually impaired and blind players which are with us, this kind of event is perfectly accessible, when you have any trouble into knowing on how this can be done, please lemme know and i will explain it.
But, in short, there are clickable links between the commit crime and the available crimes if a package shows up. needless to say, that this link also can show up when boxing, producing drugs, stealing cars, spinning the wheel of fortune, employing prostitutes etc.

This event will run till the 16th of August 23:59, after which it will be the 17th of August, and thus, the date of the reset.

We hope you'll have a lot of gathering fun!

Greetz pelantas


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