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Welcome to a multiplayer action mafia game where you won't get bored.

Do you like to perform crimes? Gamble in the various casino's? Own various objects, like the different casino-tables, a bullet factory, a hospital or do you want to be the president of one of the countries? Do you like to steal various cars? Do you like a mafia-game what isn't a complete warzone? Then vandettacrime is for you.


This were various options packed together in a nutshell, there are of course many more options, like minigames or actions what will be held by the hosts from time to time. Like the tasking-traject, the guess the number extreme or the family payment plan. Not to mention our free-gift-friday event, wich will be held each friday where the community can obtain free gifts.


Do you want to take part in a fast growing community, wich is friendly and helpfull? Do you like a community wich is friendly for blind and visually impaired people? Then don't hesitate and hit the register link!


When you are blind or visually impaired and you can't read the kaptcha, send an email to:


With the required information and we will get you registered.


Vandettacrime, become worlds greatest gangster


twelve days of christmas  2019-12-22 11:08 AM

Hi all,

From the 25th of december the twelve days of christmas event will start. On this date all players will receive gifts during those 12 days. The gifts will involve cash, bankmoney, bullets, health, protection, vip, credits and a combination of these

Have an awsome holiday season all.

Greetz pelantas
a small anouncement  2019-11-28 10:48 AM

Hi all,

This is a small message to notify you on why i suddenly became so silend. I had a heavy form of the flue, with headaches like migraine. I am slowly getting better though, so development on this project and our others will hopefully continue with the start of next week.

Thank you for playing and supporting our work, it is muchly appreciated.

Greetz pelantas
free-gift-friday gift  2019-11-22 12:07 PM

Hi all,

With another weekend almost upon us the time is right to obtain another free-gift-friday gift.

Today's gift contains 300 bullets, may they proof to be useful

Have an awsome weekend.

Greetz pelantas
free-gift-friday gift  2019-11-15 7:22 AM

hi all,

gifties, oh so many gifties, what will we doooo with them, gifties, snazzy gifties … Flinstone melody anyone?

Anyhow, apart from all the singing, flinstoning and jabadabaduba's i got to tell you the gift of today consists of 75 credits. I hope it will come in handy.

Stoney greetings,
manic monday gift while cleaning the house  2019-11-11 9:49 AM

Hi all,

Today it is monday once more, and i was cleaning my house when i tripped over a stack of bags filled with cash and fell fled on my face. I started counting the money, while holding my nose, to hopefully stop the bleeding, but, anyhow, i discovered that a enourmous amount of cash was available, so yeah, the manic monday gift consists of:

5.000.000 pound cash, and
10.000.000 pound bank.

Have an awsome week guys and girls, wheter you go to work, school, have spare time or anything else, i hope your week will be awsome.

Greetz pelantas


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