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Senaste Nyheter

the end of the round is near, counting down  2020-07-03 7:41 AM

Hi all,

A few minutes ago i did start the countdown till the end of this round once more. All stuff gets reset on the 15th of august around 15:00 o'clock. This means that the server will close around 13:00 o'clock for the needed maintenance and registration of the winners of this round.

Spoken about winners, i will give the breakdown of the prizes once more:
1st, credits worth 50 euro's.
2nd, credits worth 40 euro's.
3rd, credits worth 30 euro's.
4th, credits worth 20 euro's.
5th, credits worth 10 euro's.
6th till 10th, credits worth 5 euro's.
Note: All values are in happy-hour values, thus, 30% extra.

I would like to wish any and all of you the best of luck during these remaining weeks of the current round, and, that the best may win.

Sincerely yours,

*hpe* the event is almost at it's end  2020-03-27 1:50 PM

Hi all,

This message announces the end of the harry potter event. The goodies which were addeadded to the players who did submit their names. The goodies per player were:

- 8.250.000 pound bank
- 450 bullets
-425 credits
- 9 vipdays
- 9 hours of protection

But, don't worrie, this kind of events will appear with time again.

The residences, the hogwarts castle and godrick's hallow will remain active, as well as the weapons for the time being.

Thank you for taking part in the event and till the next time.

Greetz pelantas
new task-traject  2020-03-20 11:46 AM

Hi all,

After a week of being ill i am able to pick up the reigns again to push on into the harry potter event. And, what's a better way to do it with another task-traject. This time no voting, just a simple question.

The question i'd like an answer to is:

What is the name of Harry's enemy?

The prize you'll receive are 100 credits for answering me correctly.

Greetz, dumbledore
harry potter event extended with a week  2020-03-19 11:46 AM

Hi all,

This message is to let you know that the Harry Potter event duration has been extended with a week. Cause Amy and i were both ill the past week and weren't able to do to much for the game.

The event will last till the 27th of March.

Greetz dumbledore
*HPE* name submission  2020-03-14 9:45 PM

Hi all,

After almost 1.5 weeks of loading up Voldermort with several goodies, now the time is right to submit your names to be able to receive an equal share when the event ends.

Perhaps the event will last a week longer, since the last week up till today, i have been ill and coughing my soul out of my body, which kept me mostly off of the game then online. But a defenitive decition about this will be made this week.

Please, if you'd like to receive an equal share of which Voldermort did receive, send me, dumbledore, a reply with your name and i'll put you on the list. Which will be displayed on the harry potter event page.

Greetz dumbledore


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