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Welcome to Vandettacrime the most active game throughout the mafiacreator network.


Perform crimes, steal cars, gamble at the various casinotables, employ prostitutes, build up a steady supply of drugs, own objects, take part in several actions organized by the administrators and much more.


If you fancy to build up your account in a relative peaceful enviroment, without to much killing taking place:

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If you can't signup cause you can't read the captcha due to visual impairment, send us an email via:


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Son Haberler

reset scheduled, a bit later  2021-01-09 5:06 PM

Hi all,

Due to all the hectic stuff i forgot to schedule the reset for this round. The reset will be on the 16th of January around 15:00 o'clock. The server this time will close down around 10:00 o'clock to give me a little more time to prepare the stuff. Nothing new will be anew i think, but this is also due to the webshop duties i have to attend to as well. Just to gimme a little more time.
Reset summary:
Date: 16 january
time: 10.00 serverclose, server opening 15:00 o'clock.

Good luck during the remaining week.

Greetings, pelantas
New plans with vandettacrime, it won't stop.  2020-12-06 8:16 PM

Hi all,

After my message of a few weeks ago in which i mentioned that vandettacrime.com will be stopped on the 7th of January 2021 i got a message from old admin Dunkelfeuer. He told me that if i am to busy to keep an eye on the game he is willing to do it for me.

I first mentioned the 7th of January being the date of the offline going of the game, this date is now no longer valid.

A new date for a reset will be discussed.

What will this mean for the game in general?

This will mean that Dunkelfeuer will be online to keep an eye on the game and to deal with the support together with the rest of the team. I myself will be moving a bit backwards so i can focus more on other activities for the company.

When you wish to register for a new account and you're blind or visually impaired, you still can send an email to:


And we'll get it sorted.

Good luck during the remaining part of the current round. And, best wishes from us.

Sincerely yours,

Vandettacrime crew
vandettacrime.com stops on the 7th of January  2020-11-19 1:46 PM

Hi all,

With regred i have to announce that on the 7th of January 2021 Vandettacrime.com will come to it's end. This is cause of various reasons, of which a few are my personal reasons. But other reasons involve the age of the codebase and the limitations i have and have to work around. Also, the creation of accounts will get harder as time passes. To be more specific, i have to search for another alternative to keep on creating accounts.

So, on the 7th of january, there will be the last reset, and after this, support of the game will drop. It still will be playable, but no admins, no events, not, anything. Also, the prices for this round won't be handed out. I am still working on a solution to prevent the feeling this round's playing was to no avail.

This does not mean however nonvisiongames stops creating games. Your_adventure is still a bit on hold, but i think all things related for beta 4 are in, but cause of me moving to another house in less then 2 weeks keeps it delayed even more. After the move, i will try my best to gather the crew again so we can stresstest it. Also, a new browser game is in the making. Please don't remind me of the fiasco haven-realm was. The world i am creating now is called the elves of allalhil. A enviroment with far more writing then haven-realm had.

I wish you a lot of fun during these remaining weeks, and of course, i hope to see you onto our other game at some point.

Take care all,

Greetz, pelantas
last minute event scheduled  2020-08-23 3:17 PM

Hi all,

This message is to inform you all about a scattered packages event that will start around 00:01 o'clock servertime. During this kind of events you'll be able to scoop up some extra's which can help you along the way.

This event will last untill the 8th of september 23:59 o'clock servertime.

As a sidenote for the blind and visually impaired community that plays here. If you want to receive more information on how this kind of events are doable, please let me know and i will describe on how you could participate as well.

Happy hunting.

Sincerely yours,
vandettacrime crew
Welcome to a new round  2020-08-15 3:18 PM

Hi all and welcome back to a new round on Vandettacrime.com, may the upcoming round become a fun one.

The past two hours I did a bit of maintenance on the game and this is the list of changes/corrections i made:
- the external mafia shop is now located in the general menu. From here packages of credits can be bought at a somewhat cheaper price, if you'd wish to support us via this way then please pay it a visit and see if you find something to your liking.
- The harry potter event page is now removed, as well as the elder wand, invisibility cloak and the houses hogwarts and godrick's hollow.
- the dummy accounts and dailyquest accounts are back with their original names, meaning dummy1 till dummy4 and dailyquest1 till dailyquest5.
- The cryptoshop is removed with no purchases with crypto currency it does serve little need.
- the events diary is removed.
- the maximum amount of credits you can bet in the slotmachine are now 20 credits and 75.000 pound. The payout is increased to 105%.
- the countries monaco, hong kong and Capo Verde are removed and replaced with iran, india and ukraine.
- russian roulette is now only available to russia.
- the auction is back, please read the rules if you haven't done already with regard to the use of the auction.
- the tos & rules have been updated.

We wish you a great amount of fun during this round.

As a sidenote, the prizes are currently being awarded to the players who won the previous round. A big congrats to the winners.

Sincerely yours,
Vandettacrime crew

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