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Hello all,


This is the page related to the game-event called tasking-traject. On this page the question (s) and prizes will be announced, together with a little explanation.


What is the tasking-traject?


The tasking-traject is a game-event the crew will pull up from time to time, where we want a answer to a maximum of three questions, with this answers the playerbase is able to earn prizes, varieing from cash money to credits, with bank money, bullets and vip days between these.


The admin who pulls up this event is the person you can send the answers to, and who is responsible for handing out the prizes. You can just send a ingame message to the admin in question.


The playerbase shouldn't worrie about probably missing an update on this page, since the admin who pulls up this kind of event also should notify the playerbase that this event is up.


Event information:

*no task traject event is currently up*


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