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Ranking Race

Hi all,


This page shows the current information about the current ranking race.


What is the ranking race

During this period all players participate in a minigame in which it is the goal to rank up as fast as you can. After this period, prizes will be awarded to the top 10 which is listed in the rank statistics when this event concludes.


Prize table:

1st. 1.000 credits

2nd  900 credits

3rd  800 credits

4th  700 credits

5th  600 credits

6th  500 credits

7th  400 credits

8th  300 credits

9th  200 credits

10th 100 credits


Current event information


There currently is a ranking race event up till the 14th of december 2018.

The ranking race will close around 12:00 o'clock server time, after which the prizes will be awarded.


good luck guys!


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