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Harry Potter event

Hello and welcome to the wizarding world young wizards. From the 6th of March till the 20th of March several Harry Potter events take place. Several are started already, while others will be introduced later.
The ones which are active now:
- name submission for an equal share of the goodies on the Voldermort character.
- Sacks filled with pounds are scattered throughout vandettacrime, will you be able to find them and add to your cash?
- The Elder wand and invisibility cloak are now available in the shop.
- Two new houses
- Social gifts
- tasking trajects
- All dummy characters and dailyquest accounts received names which are in line with the Harry Potter world, see the list down below to find out which ones to target.
Events which will get active later:
New names of the dummies and dailyquests:
- voldermort (will be inpossible to kill, details will get clear later)
- Griffindor
- Hufflepuff
- Ravenclaw
- Slytherin
- Wormtail
- Lestrange
- Crough_jr
- greyback
Details when new new parts get live will be send per massmail.
Submitted names for the goodie share
Have an awsome Harry Potter event my young wizards and witches. And, don't get seduced by the dark side.
Sincerely yours,
Albus Dumbledore


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