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Welcome to the world of vandettacrime. This game can occur a bit overwhelming at first, but in this manual we will try to show you the ropes for what this game has to offer.


So, to kickoff this introduction, let us begin what kind of game vandettacrime is, shall we?


Vandettacrime is a text based role playing game, where you will take on the role of a low-life criminal, trying to work your way up through all the ranks the criminal world has to offer. You can perform various kinds of actions to get higher in rank, wealth, power and various otehr nead statistics.


While playing, you might meet new people who later can become close friends, and you even can start a criminal family to start your world domination together.


As said, in this manual we will try to cover as much information as activities and other stuff the game has to offer.


Again, a warm welcome to the criminal world of

to be continued

Below here, new information will be presented when it has been written.


Will be continued


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