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Username pelantas
Health  100%
Strength 9,592,367
Country Hidden
Married to Raven
Cash £ 1,478,686,280 Member since 2015-11-23 10:06 PM
Bank account £ 1,569,645,516 Referred by No referral
Family adminus Last online 2018-11-19 10:01 AM
Gender Male Attacks won 29
Rank Swindler Attacks lost 1
Respect points 97 Murders 0
Protection No Missions completed 4
On vacation No  
Personal text
Owner of
Objects in possession
Ammunition factory Holland £ 8,544,500
Blackjack Holland £ 6,918,018,296
Hospital Holland £ 894,750
Prison Holland £ 21,020,800
pelantas lives in a Terraced house
Personal goals
Airport Ammunition factory
Drugs Respect
Attack Steal cars
This friendship has been confirmed by both parties!
This rivalry has been confirmed by both parties!


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