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Welcome to a multiplayer action mafia game where you won't get bored.

Do you like to perform crimes? Gamble in the various casino's? Own various objects, like the different casino-tables, a bullet factory, a hospital or do you want to be the president of one of the countries? Do you like to steal various cars? Do you like a mafia-game what isn't a complete warzone? Then vandettacrime is for you.


This were various options packed together in a nutshell, there are of course many more options, like minigames or actions what will be held by the hosts from time to time. Like the tasking-traject, the guess the number extreme or the family payment plan. Not to mention our free-gift-friday event, wich will be held each friday where the community can obtain free gifts.


Do you want to take part in a fast growing community, wich is friendly and helpfull? Do you like a community wich is friendly for blind and visually impaired people? Then don't hesitate and hit the register link!


When you are blind or visually impaired and you can't read the kaptcha, send an email to:


With the required information and we will get you registered.


Vandettacrime, become worlds greatest gangster

Recent News

murder mode started  2017-05-20 1:09 PM

please read this message completely

Hi all,

This message is to announce that the murder mode has just been started.

This are the rules:

1. don't kill others apart from the 8 created accounts for this purpose. Doing so, will result in deduction of mmp points and occasionally can result in a official warning.
2. when you have killed one of the eigth, report this to pelantas and he will verify the kill. Please do this when you want to get rewarded, otherwise the mmp won't be added to your account.

Should you get killed by another member, send an email to:

And i will give you your health back and punish the killer.

The prizes will be rewarded at the start of the new round, the prizes are:

1st 500 credits, 7 vipdays
2nd 400 credits, 7 vipdays
3rd 300 credits, 7 vipdays
4th 200 credits, 7 vipdays
5th 100 credits, 7 vipdays

Look at the 8 created victims at the mmp standings page.

When any questions arrise, don't hesitate to send pelantas a message.

enjoy and good luck.

greetz pelantas
events, events, more events, yihaa!  2017-05-18 9:41 AM

Hi all,

Here is the event schedule for this week:

1. the social gift code is changed again, check our:




To find out what the code is now. the prize will be 300 bullets

2. No tasking-traject is up for this week, instead of this, members can send me a message with the code: "mmp", and receive 200 free bullets.

3. Another free gift friday is up from tomorrow again. The gift will consist of 20 free credits.
New accounts get this added by us manually.

4. this monday, will be another manic monday. I will hand out 10.000.000 pound bank.
Make sure to claim it wihtin the upcoming 72 hours from monday, otherwise the chance to get the gifts will be lost.

Again, new accounts during that period will get it added by me manually.

As you see, four new events are up and are scheduled, so why don't you hop in?

Have fun guys!

greetz pelantas
waiting times adjusted  2017-05-17 9:27 PM

Hi all,

in preparation of the new round, i have adjusted some of the waiting times, so that some activities can be played through more quick.

I have adjusted the following waiting times:

1. crimes, from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.
2. car stealing, from 3 minutes to 2.
3. wheel of fortune, from each 90 minutes to 60
4. red light district, from 20 minutes to 10.

It is possible i forgot a single waiting time adjustment, but hopefully playing will be more quick now.


greetz pelantas
change in the plans  2017-05-16 4:06 PM

Hi all,

due to sudden plans coming on my way, i have to appologise, cause the reset of june the 3rd can't continue.

Instead of this, the reset will happen on the 31th of may.

The plans wich are announced earlier, are still the same, thus:

1. murder mode will still be started this Saturday
2. and the things wich will be reset are also still the same.

appologies for this unexpected message. i can only hope on the members agreeing with me.

sincerely yours,

aruba added as a new country  2017-05-16 1:58 PM

Hi all,

i just added Aruba to the game, in celebration of reaching 250 members.


greetz pelantas


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