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Welcome to a multiplayer action mafia game where you won't get bored.

Do you like to perform crimes? Gamble in the various casino's? Own various objects, like the different casino-tables, a bullet factory, a hospital or do you want to be the president of one of the countries? Do you like to steal various cars? Do you like to attack others? Then vandettacrime is for you.


This were various options packed together in a nutshell, there are of course many more options, like actions what will be held by the hosts from time to time. Like the tasking-traject, the murder-mode or the ranking-race.


Do you want to take part in a fast growing community, wich is friendly and helpfull? Do you like a community wich is friendly for blind and visually impaired people? Then don't hesitate and hit the register link!


When you are blind or visually impaired and you can't read the kaptcha, send an email to:


With the required information and we will get you registered.


Vandettacrime, the ultimate mafia game

Recent News

swedish event, cargo has been lost!  2016-08-30 12:53 AM

Hello all,

The transport truck from the Southern part of europe, wich was on it's way toward sweden, to drop off a load of snus to the shops over there.

The only sad thing is, the truck lost it's cargo wich has been scattered all across the world.

Luckely for you, the criminal, found amounts of snul. that's why you can get extra amounts of cash.

From time to time, a picture will pop up where you can click on. click on it and get a nice amount of money whenever you found amounts of snul. this will be up till the6th of september.

This is also a test for how accessible this will be. please let me know if you find ways of spotting the images you can click on. this can include:

1. windows pc
2. mac-os with voice-over
3. iphone with voice-over.
4. android systems with it's speech software.

or other devices. but please let me know.

also the truck lost a huge amount of money. all players get 7.5 million pound bank money.

claim it within the upcoming 72 hours, new accounts will get this added by us till the 6th of september.


greetz pelantas
siliqua no mafia-officer anymore and ... updates  2016-08-29 11:03 PM

Hi all,

Siliqua has asked me to remove her status of mafia-officer.

she told me taht she wanted to play the game as a regular gangster. i respect her decition.

So thanks a lot siliqua, for the time you put into the game as a mafia-officer/admin.

Then ... other news to report, cause the time had arrived again for some more updates. or ... three updates:

1. added sweden to the available countries.
2. added the swedish language to the game.
3. changed the group robbery to a snus robbery.
snus is the swedish form of tabaco


greetz pelantas
free-gift-friday --- package time  2016-08-26 11:15 AM

Hi all,

It is Friday again, a standard event on is that i will hand out a free gift. This time being it a package again.

The package contains:

1. 5.000.000 pound cash.
2. 5.000.000 pound bank
3. 500 bullets
4. 40 free credits
5. 2 days of vip.

Make sure to claim the package within the upcoming 72 hours, otherwise the chance to get it will be gone.

New accounts will get this added by us manually, so please give us some time, we aren't online all day.

have an awsome weekend.

greetz pelantas
OMG! updates again?  2016-08-24 11:38 PM

Hi all,

Four new updates this evening, this a newly written message, cause i was so smart to don't copy the full message and delete it ... lol.

The four updates are:

1. changed the story to a story of my own.
2. a new manual is in the works, the framework is there at least, will still need to finish it and upload it. in the meantime the default manual is up.
3. added the romanian translation to the game.
4. added the spanish translation to the game.

hope you like the updates. hurray for updates.

greetz pelantas
new appointment, koma72  2016-08-24 10:03 PM

Hi all,

After a conversation with koma72 on the phone, i decided to appoint her as mafia-officer, to help us in the crew.

Here is what she wants to tell about herself:

Hello, my name is Maaike, i am 21 years old and i live in the center of the Netherlands. I like to travel, playing music and of course, to game. I hope i will be able to support the current crew in their work.

Welcome koma72, we are glad we have you with us.

sincerely yours, crew


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