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Welcome to a multiplayer action mafia game where you won't get bored.

Do you like to perform crimes? Gamble in the various casino's? Own various objects, like the different casino-tables, a bullet factory, a hospital or do you want to be the president of one of the countries? Do you like to steal various cars? Do you like a mafia-game what isn't a complete warzone? Then vandettacrime is for you.


This were various options packed together in a nutshell, there are of course many more options, like minigames or actions what will be held by the hosts from time to time. Like the tasking-traject, the guess the number extreme or the family payment plan. Not to mention our free-gift-friday event, wich will be held each friday where the community can obtain free gifts.


Do you want to take part in a fast growing community, wich is friendly and helpfull? Do you like a community wich is friendly for blind and visually impaired people? Then don't hesitate and hit the register link!


When you are blind or visually impaired and you can't read the kaptcha, send an email to:


With the required information and we will get you registered.


Vandettacrime, become worlds greatest gangster

Recent News

manic monday gift  2018-11-19 10:01 AM

Hi all,

A very quick message from me, cause i am dashing around in the office here, very busy ...

The gift consists of 30 free credits.

Make sure to claim these within the upcoming 72 hours.

Greetz pelantas
free-gift-friday gift  2018-11-16 1:13 PM

Hi all,

After rampaging through my office, in search of the free-gift-friday gift i was looking for, i decided to first send you guys a message to tell which gift i was looking for ...

What was it again ...

Oh yes, it were 40 free credits, there you go, ready for the taking, make sure to claim these within the upcoming 72 hours, otherwise the chance to get these will be gone.

Greetz pelantas
manic gifts while being the busy being  2018-11-12 10:18 PM

HI all,

Finally, lantas was capable of digging himself up, up from the pile of orders stacking upon his head. But i wanted to say something, what was it again ...

Oh yes, it is the time for the manic monday gift again, lantas almost forgot, bad lantas ... But, where did i put it again ...

*dashes around in his office looking for the gift he wanted to give*

*dashes even more*

*turns over the desk and shoves the trashbin aside*

*zips his cookie and eats his coffee*

Ah, there you go, this gift consists of 200 free credits. That's right, I hope you forgive me i start about it, but the your_adventure castlevania add-on goes really well, and that's a fact i don't want to keep from the vandettacrime community.

I really hope you enjoy the cool 200 credits, and have a wonderful week all.

Good, where did i put my coffee again, i am not done eating ...

*burns his tongue to the cookie ... cofee ...*

Greetz pelantas
date reset changed  2018-11-07 11:09 AM

Hi all,

Due to sircumstances the reset of vandettacrime is replaced to the 30th of november around 16:00 o'clock. Instead of the server closing around 13:00 o'clock, the server will close around 14:00 o'clock for the preparation.

My appologies for this change.

Sincerely yours,

manic monday gift  2018-11-05 7:41 PM

Hi all,

The manic monday gift worth 25 credits is doanted.

Make good use of it

Appologies for this real quick message.

Greetz pelantas


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